Fireworks Safety

1. Never let children handle fireworks. Only adults should handle and light fireworks.

Fireworks burn VERY hot, potentially causing severe burns and are intended to be

handled only by responsible adults.

2. Do not consume alcohol while handling or lighting fireworks. Alcohol impairs your

senses, judgment and reaction time. Impairment leads to accidents, injuries and possibly

death. Be a responsible adult – don’t consume alcohol and handle fireworks.

3. Have a fire extinguisher or source of water nearby. Should the need arise, keep a fire

extinguisher, water hose or a bucket of water nearby to douse any flames. Appoint

another responsible adult as a spotter to alert you to any emergency that may arise and be

ready with the water source.

4. Keep a First Aid Kit nearby. Keep a First Aid Kit nearby for treatment of minor burns.

5. Light only one firework at a time. Light only one firework at a time.

6. Don’t try and relight a “dud.” Never try and relight a “dud” or any firework that has

failed to ignite or gone out. Let the item stand for at least twenty minutes and then

immerse it in water overnight. Then properly dispose of the item.

7. Do not throw burned out sparklers on the ground. The hot debris left over from the

sparkler can burn someone if they step on it.

8. Always wear proper clothing whenever you use fireworks. This includes cotton or

denim clothing, long pants, eye protection, covered shoes and (if necessary) ear


9. Keep fireworks away from open flames. Keep fireworks away from open flames,

including cigarettes. Never smoke around fireworks.

10. Never throw or toss fireworks at another person or animal.

11. Never carry fireworks in your pocket.

12. Use fireworks only outdoors. Never use fireworks indoors.

13. Use fireworks in an open space that is clear of spectators, buildings, vehicles, debris

and flammable materials. Keep spectators a safe distance away from the display. We

recommend at least 35 feet for fountains and other ground items and 300 feet for aerial


14. Follow the law. Follow your State and Local laws regarding the use of consumer

fireworks. Use only fireworks permitted by law in your State or Local jurisdiction.

15. Read all warning labels carefully and follow any written instructions. Be sure to

carefully read item labels to make sure you understand the product’s performance and

potential hazards prior to ignition.

16. Light fireworks on a hard, level surface. A hard level surface will help insure the

stability of the items you are lighting. Grass is not generally a good surface to use as it

may allow items to tip or fall over. If you must light fireworks on a grass surface then

place a large, flat, wooden board down first as a shooting surface.

17. Keep body parts clear of fireworks. Never place any body part over the top of a

firework product. Never look into a firework tube to see if the item has fired. Never hold

a firework item in your hands. When lighting a firework item, ignite the fuse and then

step away to a safe distance.

18. Protect your eyes. Always wear safety goggles or safety glasses to protect your eyes.

Anyone lighting or in close proximity to the fireworks need to wear eye protection.

19. Windy conditions. Never light fireworks in heavy windy conditions. Keep spectators

safe by having the prevailing winds blowing away from them.

20. Respect your neighbors. Always keep your neighbors in mind and inform them when

you will be lighting fireworks. Better yet, invite them over to enjoy the show!

21. Use common sense.